HI there

My name is Fiona AR Patten, or by the alias Far Ilo.
I am an audio professional based in the Netherlands, right in the middle in the picturesque city of Utrecht.
I specialise in spatial audio – binaural rendering and performative multi-speaker playback. I release my own work as Far Ilo and my contracts are under Fiona AR Patten.


Spatial Audio

Ambisonics, Binaural, WaveField Synthesis and Surround Sound for Cinema

Audio Arrangement

Scoring to Video, Music, Ambience, FX and Foley

AudioVisual Performance

Immersive virtual and physical performance designs

Original Tracks

Releases under the alias ‘Far Ilo’

Master in Design, Sound for the Moving Image, Glasgow School of Art

Portfolio here


‘Catching Sounds’ with Chris Watson

With Geräuschkulisse, Leipzig – participating artist


Fallout : The Frontier

September – December 2020
Fallout : The Frontier
Audio specialist for 3 characters – cleaning, editing and mastering dialogue in liaison with project lead. iZotope RX to clean, Reaper to master

Sept – Dec 2020

36Q ‘Blue Hour’ sequence at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial

Selected as 1 of 4 emerging International Sound Artists to collaborate on a team with a Video Designer and a Lighting Designer. Our sequence depicted the ‘Morning’ segment of a day. My audio arrangement was spatialised using Canvas and played in the massive re-purposed ice-hockey rink on 70+ D&B Audiotechnik speakers. Timecoded and routed via Dante.

June 2019

Spatial Audio Seminar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre (EMPAC)

Assistant Resident to Bobby McElver on Wavefield Synthesis Array Demo. Demonstrated the possibilities of WFS for theatre/auditorium/performative purposes – the WFS array was rigged above 10 rows of seats – a composition we designed was played to trial the sound as object and the possibilities of individual tailored experiences.

July 2019

Oxford Brooke’s University’s “Sound Diaries” for the Sonic Arts Research Unit

Selected in a group of International emerging Sound Practitioners to demonstrate a collection of works that document listening and audible experience. My collection titled “SoundStamps” included pieces arranged from Phenomenological instances that struck me in typical every-day experience. Collection available to listen on my SoundCloud.

February – June 2019

Fine Art Scenography: Masters Project “I Am Here” + Notations + extracurricular Fine Art Sonic Archives Practice

Developed listening methodologies and spatial audible compositions. Research in phenomenology and audio-spectatorship. Doc available here.
Final Project: Developed a listening methodology for a global network of participants. Hosted 2 live virtual listening tours across a map of audible locations that I curated in collaboration with the participants. Each location’s audible experience was notated in my signature technique developed through my methodology in Deep Spatial Listening.
Extracurricular: Deepened the development of Spatial Listening methodology. Participated in Fine Art’s department Sonic Archives Practice where we studied the methods of Pauline Oliveros and writings of Benedict Anderson.

Aug 2018 – Aug 2020

Let’s make something together.